Skin Sensitivity Test

Any cosmetic product may unexpectedly cause an allergic reaction. For this reason, a sensitivity test must be carried out before every coloring, 48 hours before dyeing the hair.

1.Clean a small area behind the ear with cotton swab and alcohol.

2.With non-metallic utensils and container, for example a plastic cup, place a small amount of colorant with an equal quantity of the color developer and mix it for the test. DO NOT use all of the content of the bottles; a small amount is sufficient.

3.Mix both tint and developer until totally blended.

4.Apply the mixture to cleansed area. Once it is dry, repeat the process twice.

5.Leave the test area untouched for 48 hours.

If you did not experience any reaction on your skin (such as swelling, redness, itching, eczema, blistering, etc.), then you can use the hair dye. If you experience any reaction, do not use this product before seeking medical advice.