How to get the best results with Naturtint®

Applying Naturtint® Hair Color

Naturtint is the first permanent hair color without ammonia. Naturtint's gentle formula combines the effectiveness of a permanent hair dye and offers the hair silkiness and protection gained from active plant-based ingredients. Naturtint covers gray hair in just one application, and our naturally healthier formula provides Maximum Care and Maximum Color for more vital looking hair.

Following our instructions for how to apply Naturtint hair color. If you have questions you can contact us via email or call 1.877.372.6567 and we will be happy to help you.

Though Naturtint has a low chemical content and contains natural plant ingredients, some people may have an unfavorable reaction to hair color products. That is why we recommend reviewing the Precautions and performing a Skin Sensitivity Test first and then a Hair Color Test before applying Naturtint.

Before Applying Naturint: Skin Sensitivity Test
Before Applying Naturtint: Hair Color Test
How to Apply Naturtint Hair Color
Choosing the Right Naturtint Hair Color
Changing Your Hair Tone with Naturtint
Covering Your Gray hair with Naturtint
More Helpful Tips for Applying Naturtint Hair Color