Covering Gray Hair with Naturtint®

Coloring gray hair can be a challenge. It looks different and feels different from the rest of your hair, and it doesn't respond to most hair coloring and hair processing products the same way as non-gray hair. Here are a few helpful tips for covering gray hair with Naturtint hair coloring.

Covering gray hair with fashion tones

If you are looking to cover your gray hair with a fashion tone (such as a Mahogany or Copper) and your percentage of gray hair is high, you can mix the fashion tone with a Natural (1N to 10N) tone of the same number.

Cover gray hair — even 100% gray —
with Naturtint®

Mix equal amounts of each color and their respective color developers. If you have less gray hair, reduce the level of natural tone used accordingly. A color test will help you decide by how much.

For more hair color ideas to cover gray hair, see our color chart with all 29 mixable shades of Naturtint® hair color.