Choosing your Naturtint® Hair Color

When choosing your hair color, most people find that coloring their hair one or two shades darker or lighter than their natural hair color suits their skin tone.

You can darken your hair color
in one application

When choosing your Naturtint hair color, you can go as dark as you like in one application, but you can lighten by only one or two shades at a time.

Lighten your hair color in stages

To achieve color that is much lighter than your natural hair coloring, you must color in stages. Start by choosing your Naturtint hair color shades one or two steps lighter than the color used previously. For example, if you wanted to go from Naturtint 5N (Light Chestnut Brown) to Naturtint 10N (Light Dawn Brown), you would use Naturtint 7N (Hazelnut Blonde), then Naturtint 9N (Honey Blonde), and then Naturtint 10N.

See the Naturtint Color Chart for all 29 mixable shades of Naturtint permanent hair color to help in choosing your Naturtint hair color that is best for your look.