Changing Your Hair Tone with Naturtint®

Here are two helpful tips for when you want to change the tone of your hair color. Follow these two steps for best results:

  • First, match your current hair color to a color number on the Naturtint Hair Color Chart. (For example, maybe your current hair color matches Naturtint 5N in the Naturals group.)
  • Second, choose the same number from a different color group, such as the Goldens or Mahoganies. (For example, your new color would be Naturtint 5G. If your original hair color is a dark shade, your new hair tone will be less intense and bright than the selected color as shown on the color chart (i.e., 5G). If your original hair color is lighter, your new hair tone may be brighter than that color on the chart.

For more hair tone color ideas:

See our Naturtint Color Chart with all 29 mixable shades
of Naturtint hair color.